Taiwan Law Makers do your duty to impeach 陳水扁 Be politicians you must be brave to do the heavy duty when the sign shows up. "Gwall.Mean.Down" must do the enemy duty to help "Mean.Jean.Down" to do better; Impeach 陳水扁 not only can help your people from falling deeper, but also can help you save good members in your enemy "Mean.Jean.Down." , you need to know when your enemy run out of good remainings, you cannot have any bit of peace in your life time. Do not follow 陳水扁's low lower lowest to see your people's righteous words like nothing, the same time you must do your duty, do not see 陳水扁's sucking words like nothing.You are Republic of China is an unshakable fact. Because "TAiwan" is one of "Republic of China" provinces, just like Texas is one of "USA" States, if in any war or natural disaster, when USA has only Texas available to live, Texas is still a State of USA(in that situation, White House most likely needs to be located in Houston, this may explain how come at that time still clear minded George Bush junior placed New Orlean refugee into Houston, because had USA had only the State of LA remaining, the White House most likely needs to be located in New Orlean. Had you governor dared see USA President like nothing, that whole governor institute must gone, just like "臺灣省政.Fool." had gone with the wind. Therefore, you should know that "Yan.Ill.Bi.Lay.May.How.Whore" that stupid bad ugly evil California "阿諾" should be killed(Why stupid bad ugly evil Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger should be killed? Because his title Governor must not allowed him acting stupid bad 吉安民宿 ugly evil like spoil bret female dressed animal former First Lady, Bill Clinton's co-president Hillary Clinton seeing her President Bill Clinton like nothing.)by he committed crime eyed USA President George Bush junior like nothing when he really arrived his State. Go to hell stupid bad ugly evil "Yan.Ill.Bi.Lay" Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger. And I suspect that stupid bad ugly evil Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger most likely links to underground chained slavery 王彩菊 and 吳國豐's son nickname as 諾諾, and 朱承杰 and 李美珍's son nickname "Way.Way." -唯 唯 諾諾. [王彩菊 and 吳國豐 886-7-3321088 高雄市民權二路360巷23號; 朱承杰 and 李美珍 886-2-28356794/23310505 ] Therefore, Taiwan Law makers, if you dare not do your duty faithfully to impeach "不自愛 " the President of Republic of China 陳水扁, you must not expect 陳水扁 can have the mercy to spare your committing crime of seeing the President of Republic of China like nothing. ) . You got it? Impeach 陳水扁 immediately for the crime he sees Your Country Republic of China like nothing, what the crime 陳水扁 committed is a hell crime "不自愛 " suicide crime. He is the President of Republic of China, you must not see his "不自愛 " suicide crime like nothing.Taiwanese, you need to know that in the game I vs 陳水扁 (陳水扁-朱兆任-"沉.Boot.住.7."-照睡.Boot.5.-騙人-欺侮-五子棋-騙子-高齊之[華興校友, it was said that he's one of 于佑任 closest relatives, Malchon Kao 1831 Alpha St. South Pasadena, CA 91030 213-8049453/2579667/ 花蓮住宿3449604/9199533 ]-趙高-糟糕-5.音.Boot.全-高全之[高齊之 twin brother, 華興校友, said one of 于佑任 closest relatives, 28416 San Nicolas Drive Rancho Palos Verdes CA. 90275-3163 310-5413929]-殷琪-朱兆祺[朱兆任's brother]-精密鑄造- 朱經武-密告-祕密武器-烏雲密佈-雲層-運氣-成大器-大氣層-高大-大直-大水-大陳人-"高不成 低不.Joe"-陳舊-馬廄-高音-低音-馬英九-水酒-影片-銀子-"Moon.Mar.Tool.城-土木工程-陳功[281-228-8122. I suspect he is 華興校友蔣亨克's slave, master, or partner links. Because he called me and told me that he got my number from 華興校友蔣亨克 because he wanting to ask me how to apply USA citizenship or something related to USA citizenship apply or test. I did not suspect anything at that time, just told him what procedures that I have had known, now I wonder how come he did not directly ask蔣亨克, unless 蔣亨克 still not yet applying it by himself.]-鄭成功-陳真[Taiwan female singer]-不成功 便成仁-政變-政工-曾愛蘭[華興校友 886-2-24513825 886-9-16059562 ay_lan@hotmail.com]-男工-橄欖[Late 華興校友 陳慶來 nickname; 陳慶來 survived wife 康金鑾 886-2-26326146 ]-政工幹校-愛大笑 -Ida Shaw[Her Chinese name is 彭潤輝, she looked like 王彩菊's husband 吳國豐; 281-3539357/3534198/3009865 prime8real@aol.com]), I will be always the winner, no matter what, the difference is the longer the time drag on, the more of you falling into hell or deeper in hells. Because 陳水扁(朱兆任) is too stupid bad ugly evil to know that real life not exactly like his Chinese Chase, Chinese Chase you have only the lifeless 棋子 as to 花蓮民宿ols (not mention stupid bad ugly evil 陳水扁-朱兆任 too stupid bad ugly evil to know he cannot further expand his 象棋 "Moon.5.餘子.Do.Link.Phone.Sour" into "Way.棋" 領域, all because his stupid bad ugly evil narrowness ceiling him from growing up), real life, no one can knows other's heart, only our Mighty God knows the heart of every one of us. Therefore, you must have good will to deserve God's bless, you must have the righteousness to earn Satan to respect to you to stand your side. I have both, stupid bad ugly evil 陳水扁(朱兆任) has none. Therefore, you have guts to impeach陳水扁 is doing yourself a favor to save more of your people from falling into hells, I just do my duty to tell you what I am sensed, you have your own sucks to get your deserves. You are law makers, you have the duty to guard your people's best interest to help them from falling into deep deeper deepest hells. Why I say I vs 陳水扁? Because I did not know 陳水扁 is 朱兆任's link before, therefore, I thought 朱兆任 raped me limited to his personal crime, now I know 陳水扁 indeed backed, slaved, partial, or real 朱兆任 form, it becomes you Taiwanese (Yes, I say Taiwanese, you live in Taiwan legally, you are Taiwanese; just like I live in Texas legally, I am Texan) Law Makers duty to face his crimes. Therefore, I realized how come US Congress rushed up to make Taiwan special clause to deserve them special attention after their then President to build relationship with China Communist, because they must have known long before I having 酒店經紀 any idea about my self that I am an absolute good woman that growing up in Taiwan deserved their special eyes. Therefore, I realized how come Jim Hart told me that his President Ford's stupid, because he should have had denied the relationship with Mainland China because of the treaty not approved in US Congress. Because in this world, you can only have the freedom to do good things, you must not allowed to have treaty with stupid bad ugly evil communist gangsters. USA must stop any relationship with Mainland China, must stop any talk with N.Korea, Vietnam, they would be fine at themself, there would be miserable to US and to Communist once messing up, mixing ingredients like feed the cow with mixed bone food to become mad cow sick to death.Therefore, woman, do not under estimate yourself, one good woman can have the good big enough to deserve your whole country deserves to be saved; yes a stupid bad ugly evil female dressed animal like Condi Rice can bad enough to destroy your whole country, if the good one shut up (Therefore, woman must have the righteous eyes to know that there's no perfect man, not mention second to man's woman; no woman can be perfect, as long as you know you are in good will, do not allow evil doers to take advantage of your good shame sense. You have good will, the shameless must have nothing to do with you, the shameless is the evil doers crime.) by stupid bad ugly evil "Chu.Sheng" "陳水扁-朱兆任"(like Chinese said "盜.Boot.同 .Boot.Sean.Way.謀". 盜-"Chain.Bian.Won.What" ; 道, 家喻戶曉, 道 welcome every one 同道. ) "Huang.Whore" g 港式飲茶angsters criminals. Because without Republic of China, the whole China must be torn down pieces and pieces and pieces.... gone with the wind. Therefore, you should know that China Communist has no room to allow Republic of China disappearing from Taiwan to falling down. Yes, Reader Digest in Taiwan committed "7.Sun.Pot.U(gly)" crimes to me in Taiwan, they must be killed. They are a company, they must have the good will to treat every one in Taiwan equally, they dared to mail their attractive map booked to a poor woman like me, they must treat every poor people the same good will(like Chinese said "High.人之.Sin.Boot.可有", anyone does not even have the money to rent a house to live how dare you think affordable to buy luxury World Map to show off, how dare you think a poor homeless woman can have the good will to spend her energy and money to send the luxury thick hard heavy weighted map book back to you, not mention in Taiwan at the time a poor girl must have had no USA idea to know that there's a way to return her unaffordable stuff.) to mail that attractive map book to all of them to see how many of them can afford to pay the bill and do the same chase to all of them. Shame on Reader Digest world head quarter to allow their evil doers in Taiwan to use God's name to commit the heaviest Christian crimes. Go to hell stupid bad ugly evil Reader Digest evil "Huang.Whore" gangsters criminals. Using God's name to commit hypocrite crime the worst form of "Huang.Whore" criminals.When I call anyone to go to hell is my good will that can earn Satan respecting my call to stand my side, because I A 台北港式飲茶M A GOOD WOMAN, ANYONE I feel deserve to go to hell enough to make me calling it out must deserve to go to hell, because the sooner that anyone goes, the less deep that anyone falls. You stupid bad ugly evil Taiwanese has no right to blame me about my past time lies, go to blame that stupid bad ugly evil CCF to allow your Taiwanese evil doers to make me writing those lies in their sponsor letters, go to blame my boss who owned CarryOn to force me to pass his lies.Chinese is evil, 陳水扁-朱兆任 evil criminal seating in its President House is the evidence, USA shameless Bill Clinton backed by its "Huang.Jane.Gwall" add more evidence, naive stupid George Bush junior falling into worse than Bill Clinton status after hand shaking with them. I don't blame 陳水扁-朱兆任 shame on being Chinese, I blame he's too stupid bad ugly evil to have the good will like MouJerDong and Chiang KaiShake to seal their evil Chinese inside their own place. Therefore, if you like me have your evil Chinese face shameless showing up every time overseas, you must have the guts and honest heart to respect other race freedom to look down you, you must have the good will to know your own evil race deserves that look to dare every other nation shame on you like they dare do to Americans, you want your decent equality, you must do your best to earn other race free will to welcome you heartily, you must not follow stupid bad ugly evil Condi Rice to scare Barbara Boxer to shut up, if you do, you all deserve to go the deepest hells "永.5.Ten.日". You have evil doers 陳水扁-朱兆任 using corrupted money chain to eat other place manki 商務中心nd to crawl up bit by bit, days, nights, weeks, months, years enlarged; you must have the good Chinese to have the same strength to show your good better best days, nights, weeks, months, years to delet their evil deeds to earn you reputation back. Because when other races dare look you down like they indeed feel, when you have the honest heart to know you deserve that down(Yes, you can kill anyone looks you down, if you are sure that you have the best sniper skill to give that one the fastest flash of mercy die, because anyone looks you down must be worse than you, however, when you kill for selfish reason, you cannot have Satan respecting to you, you must have the good will of mercy to get God bless your good will. You can kill if you are good killer[you are man, you must not hold any out of your birth cycle aged woman's hand, if you do, you are certainly losing your guts to be the excellent sniper, even you used to be the best snipers like JungShiauLin, you cannot have your guts to do your killing duty any more like Chinese said "Knot.Ren.Saw.Run", this may explain how come Western gentleman greeting a woman usually following the rule to keep his hands at himself unless the Lady forced him must accept her shakes.], you must not shut up any one to force any human form to become soundless earthworm, if you dare do like Condi Rice showed on the US Senate floor, you must be killed immediately, because Condi Rice is not real Chinese, she is a slave, she does or did not know the real good Chinese tradition culture like you stupid bad ugly evil Taiwanese and Chinese must have had read, educated, tested in your "Gwall.Mean.義務教育" schooling 宜蘭民宿years; you are Chinese, you lost your own good teachings, you must be killed, you are not Chinese, you dare eat up Chinese good remainings bonelessly in the Chinese last reliable free land without a trace, you must be killed . Therefore, you should know that stupid bad ugly evil Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger should be killed by he committed the seeing our President Bush junior like nothing in his own California, one of the States of USA one of the most serious crime in our cuntry. In USA, you must not allowed to look anyone down, especially you are seating in USA public office. Shame on "Yan.Ill.Bi.Lay.May.How.Whore", USA law makers should make "Yan.Ill." is illegal field, because selling body part worse than slavery, because slavery under Satan's I; selling body part cursed by Satan's "G.U(gly).Rule.Cho". This may explain how come every time when US President finishing the speech of State of Union, one of Congress member must come out to speak disagreement points to tell the world that they disapplaused his speech but they must not dare see their President like nothing. You can see it from they sincerely applaused to welcome his coming and shaking hands with him regardless their disagreements. Any public workers cannot welcome his or her President to see him or her or welcome him to arrive his or her working place, that public workers must have the honest eyes to see self unfitted under the most powerful man in the world sees.) , is the only way you can have the hope indeed to say "Wall.John.Jeye.7.", respect other's right to express whatever they like is what having made America become man made paradise from criminals landfill.You dare not face an 墾丁民宿d accept "Huang.Whore" criminal evil doer 陳水扁-朱兆任 challenge can only broken all you 粉身碎骨. This may explain how come God and Satan always face and accept challenges even that means both of them must back from formless into forms. Dare stupid bad ugly evil 陳水扁-朱兆任 deny Taiwan is one of Republic of China Provinces, then, ask him which country he thinks Taiwan should belong to, Taiwan self not ever be a country in any time, if not belongs to Republic of China, must belong to someone country, they dare deny, they must have the guts to admit; then let us ask any nation admitted by them dare to admit it, then let us have a really adults fight. Taiwan is an island? How about HongKong and Kowloon? How come Taiwanese exactly same as "Full.Jane.What"? Most likely Taiwan had been part of "Full.Jane" province, in an unknown time there's an earth quake super tsunami sucked that Taiwan Strait part. The record most likely deleted accidently or evil on purposely. Japan has been a Kingdom, how come formed with seperate islands? Most likely those islands were one whole land broken down because of natural disaster(s), therefore, the Kingdom be able to have owned those water lands.Rapist 陳水扁-朱兆任-豬腸(sausage)-照鏡-藏鏡人  always rapist no matter where his place's, he raped woman, he raped election(Hello! "Chain.Sold.Who.Taiwan" "Chyoung.身" "Good.Ho" "Hey.Show" you may add more that I don't remember), he raped democratic, he raped Presidency, he raped his country. Rapist is uncurable, the sooner killed the less deep ended up.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 日月潭民宿  .
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