Fri Jan 05 2006 It is 09:23AM my cell phone or my computer time. I had egg, croissants, banana and I am having hot tea. While I was eating, my brain cell working hard to figur 租屋e out how come man must not marry or must divorce the woman who has not love to him? Bec 設計裝潢ause it is a must for man to show that he has the strength to do the "Give UP" to release something not belong 酒店兼職ing to the "LOVE" -> Love-Heart-Hot-Sun-Light-Fly-Sky-Heaven-Heavely Home. Woman is second to man, therefore, woman better do no 買屋thing than keep running; man must have the mankind, must not be allowed and not afford to do nothing. Therefore, do not be falling into gay 's hell, beca 好房網use same sex cannot indeed make love. Therefore, man if you are not sure that your wife loves you or not, or you are not sure you indeed love your wife or not, you must divorce r 酒店工作ight away, do not wait for too late to make up your mistakes, because you don't know when you must be forced to leave no matter you like or dislike. Therefore, woman must leave any out of home' 酒店經紀;s "Sold Scene", do not be worse than prostitute whore like stupid bad ugly evil Pelosi, because staying home is woman's must to show her strength to "give UP" in order to be able to fly back to our heavely home. There 太平洋房屋fore, if you have no love to Republic of China, do not seat in any public office that must take big heart to care Republic of China's official lawful intitled authority. It is 13:48 my cell phone or my computer time. I had croissants, cho 開幕活動colate cookies and hot tea. It is 21:37 my cell phone or my computer  time. I had rice, beef, vegetable,  tomatoes and hot chocolate. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 宜蘭民宿  .
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